In Loving Memory

Big Momma May 6, 1942 - June 19, 2022           On June 19, 2022, mom passed away. She was known to her great grandchildren and grandchildren…

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National Red Wine Day

  It’s always a good time for red wine,  especially on August 28, National Red Wine Day. Today, we throw out all those stuffy rules about how and when to…

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Happy National Just Because Day

On August 27, you won’t need a reason to celebrate. All you need is National Just Because Day. Why? Well, just because. If you want to make spaghetti for breakfast…

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Kiss And Makeup Day

August 25 celebrates the end of a grudge. After an argument, it’s easy not to forgive. It’s easy to stay angry but, remember, it was Gandhi who said that only…

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National Waffle Day

August 24 is National Waffle Day. Pass the syrup! We’ll welcome any occasion to indulge in this iconic international treat. With so many varieties —  Belgium, Hong Kong, stroopwafels, galettes…

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Happy Health Unit Coordinators Day

Today is Health Unit Coordinators Day! This day reminds us of the important teamwork taking place in medical facilities and why health unit coordinators are so vital and indispensable. They…

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Happy Thanksgiving

Forever Blessed LLC would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Welcome to Forever Blessed LLC

We are a family owned company based in North Mississippi. We specialize in small batch, handcrafted gifts including preservative free bath and body luxuries, premium hand crafted jewelry and personalized…

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